Sunday, November 6, 2011

The More You Know...

The following is a meme that has been popping up on Facebook. It's a nice little reminder that we must be diligent in our research before we spout off political arguments and more importantly before we make our voting decisions. Know what ideological principals you are standing behind and know the folks you are voting into positions of power. The more you know...

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  1. What the founders established, and what's transpired in the 1950's have little in common. Fear which is not just an American trait, and specifically fear that Communism was gripping the country then egged on by the likes of a drunken paranoid Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin fanned the flames of discontentment. Things were so out of control, that the religionists were successful in convincing the Eisenhower administration to doubled down against the menace with religion to fight the supposed godless hordes. With that and 66 years of religious intolerance on steroids, things have morphed themselves into something close to a theocracy at least in theory, but not into law. But just wait. If things keep heading in the general direction religionists would like, it's won't be long before theocracy will be the form of government we'll have.


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