Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making the move...

Well hello there, gentle readers!

Like many more before me, I have decided to make the move over to Wordpress. I have been contemplating the move for quite some time now. I just feel the formatting is a bit cleaner over there and the setup is more conducive to blogging and gives the author more creative choices. A fellow blogger had some nice reflective statements that I found myself agreeing with, which gave me a boost of motivation to make the move happen. I only wish there was a way to import posts from this blog over to my new home. 

My posts have been sporadic at best, but for those of you who have enjoyed Notes from the Underground so far, please feel free to follow me here:

There is also an option to follow by email in the left side bar. I shall continue to follow those I have enjoyed reading here and will link to the new blog in the next few posts before I completely transition over to wordpress. It has been fun here and thanks to all for the great laughs, moments of reflection, and retrospective musings. 


  1. There is absolutely a wAy to take your posts with you.
    Use the back up option of blogger to down load an XML file of your blog.
    Over at Wordpress there is an option to import.
    Using the back up won't delete your blogger posts
    I have done this and it does work.

    Email me if you need a better walk through

    Oh and welcome to the dark side.....

  2. Another one moves over to Wordpress. I shall follow you from there.

  3. Good luck on your move and I will follow you there!


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