Monday, May 23, 2011

Office Talk: Did someone order an apocalypse?

So, the world didn't end...Hazzah!  I took some time off last week for my day of birth. I planned on going on a big camping and hiking extravaganza trip, but the weather didn't cooperate. A sign of the impending rapture, I thought. So, I made the best of it and went back home. How did I prepare for the rapture...I built a fort in my living room and proceeded to play and watch hours upon hours of apocalyptic themed video games and movies.

The world didn't end, but that doesn't mean our troubles are over. Take the following email exchange that took place this morning when I returned to work.

So, zombie apocalypse pending, I am glad the world didn't end. Also, I love my jobby job :).


  1. Hahaha, I LOVE how you celebrated the non-impending apocalypse. Forts are the best =)

  2. Love the email exchange...its always nice when you can mix a little fun with work.

  3. followed here from Mynx's party...she is sweetly allowing me to what is sure to be a killer hangover in her hammock right now and my sober alter personality figured it was time to check out some new bloggers. Loved this post! :)

  4. Ha! Funny! And building forts in your living room are the best! My siblings and I did it all the time when we were kids. Good times...


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